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From New York's new airport terminal to Denmark's Energy Islands, here are the biggest megaprojects currently under construction. For more construction & megaproject content be sure to subscribe to Top Luxury. Thanks for watching this video: Most Impressive Megaprojects Under Construction

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Biggest Megaprojects in the World

Most Expensive Construction Projects Ever Built

The Biggest Megaprojects Never Finished

#Megaprojects #Construction #Engineering

0:00 Intro
0:14 Egypt's new capital
1:13 Baihetan Dam
2:02 New York's airport upgrade
2:52 Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium
4:15 Jeddah Economic City
5:05 Padma Bridge
6:44 New Clark City
7:38 Brenner Base Tunnel
8:55 Vietnam's New Airport
10:18 Merdeka Tower
11:18 Incheon International Airport
12:02 Lusail City
13:04 Moscow International Business Center
14:13 Denmark's Energy Islands

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In today's video, we reviewed the top 10 most powerful African passports and the privilege one gets to own any of these passports.

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Ranking EVERY State in the United States from WORST to BEST! We Ranked the Top 10 Best AND Worst States to live in America for 2022 so you know where to move to! Find out which have the best cities & small towns!
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In order to determine which US States are the best (and worst), I analyze a few categories including their economy, cost of living, crime and safety, health, education, and quality of life. We also implemented my personal experiences and the pros and cons of each location such as beautiful nature and amazing cities.

My biggest suggestion is to visit these states first to decide where you want to move to and live.

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Thanks for watching From Here to There! This is another top ten video where we explain cool facts about the world, it's history and geography, starting with the different states, cities, and towns in the United States.

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[Emotional] Birth & Death Of Angel Jibreel ?

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaathuhu

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Speaker: Sheikh Imam Omar Suleiman


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4,000 years ago there was a powerful, progressive, and incredibly wealthy city. It developed into one of the greatest cities in the world. The streets were paved, numerous gates led into the walled city that had over 250 towers that were at least 100 meters high. This is where modern writing and mathematics were invented. Ferries, roads, and drawbridges ensured efficient transport, and the mythical Hanging Gardens were a feat of engineering and were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The city's wealth was unimaginable. The people created impressive works of art out of gold, there was a golden image of Baal, a beautiful table that was supposedly made of 22,000 kilos of pure gold, with a golden lion and a golden statue of Man. The majestic Royal Palace was the largest ever built in world history.

Babylon used to exist in what is now modern-day Iraq. Everyone has heard of Babylon, or at least of the tallest tower in the world at that time, known as the Tower of Babel.

But how did the incredible rise and dramatic fall of Babylon and the Babylonian Empire come about?


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On the island of Tanna in Vanuatu, the men of the sea and the ones of the land exchange each year the magical powers of a turtle for those of a pig. It is thanks to this ancestral rite that harmony and peace reign on this small South Pacific island.

This year, Hvéuk will be in charge of capturing a turtle and transporting it to the village on the island. But first, his father must teach him the secret of the magic stones. Thanks to their powers and the help of the geniuses, he will be easily able to capture the sacred turtle...

Documentary: “Sea legends – Tanna, the island of Magic Stones”
Direction: Jérôme Ségur
Production: ZED & RFO

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Hamite warrior legend Shaka Zulu
#ShakaZulu #BlackLivesMatter #BlackHistory

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Retracing The Conflicts of WW 2 - Across every theatre of the Second World War battle strategies were designed to capitalise on terrains with better access to supplies. Despite these tactics, many forces were stretched beyond their limits, facing unforeseen conditions and underestimating targets. These battles won and lost would determine possession of territory, resources and the strength to go on fighting.

For some of the battles it was the victory that most influenced the future course of the war. For others, it was the defeat. From sweeping offensives to special operations, this is the story of the battles won and battles lost that shaped the outcome of the greatest conflict in history.

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then come to the conference where you’ll experience healing, refreshing, new ideas and freedom from frozen, limiting mindsets. Think of this conference as the eruption you NEED that will cause the diamond within you to come up to the surface. You’ll make new friends, be inspired, encouraged, validated and supported.